2012年3月20日 星期二

Introduction to Frankenstein RESPONSE #8

Many areas of scientific investigation carry both potential benefits and potential dangers for humankind. (a) What such areas in our own age can you name? (b) Which areas do you believe human beings should never have become involved in? Give reasons for your answer.

a) There are many areas, or advanced technologies, in our life time that had made our life easier. However behind the benefits that we enjoy, there lays uncountable potential dangers that may not affect us now, but may in fact harm the lives of future generations' or even one's own future. Those areas includes nanotechnology, which lead to the use of nuclear energy and its application, genetic engineering, childbirth interventions, social networking as well as many others.

b) I think Molecular Nanotechnology was the area that we never should have gotten involved in. The advancement in nanotechnology, which is basically techniques that we can work with matter on the atomic or molecular scale, led to the development of atomic bombs, nuclear power plants, and fundamentally the grand use of nuclear energy. The reason that nuclear energy is becoming so popular is that it is clean, it is efficient and does not increase pollution. However, personally I believe that its potential danger totally outweighs its benefits, in fact I think the usage of nuclear energy is risking the lives of people. First of all, the development and usage of atomic bombs had proven to be disastrous. People die in instants and some die gradually by the radiation. Secondly, the construction of nuclear power plants although provides people with good flow of electricity, it had been shown that the effects of one explosion can be devastating. On March 11, 2011, the earthquake in Japan caused the explosion of a nuclear plant in Fukushima, the greatest effects of all was the wide range of radiation that was let out. It harmed the health of many people. Some studies had even shown that the radiation had reached Korea and even Taiwan was caution about the radiation coming through. Clearly, if we were never involved in this area, we wouldn't have received so much harm.

2012年3月12日 星期一

Ghost Rider #Faustian Tale

Faust is a scholar. Some versions depicted him as an intelligent one and some as a scholar that had not made any satisfactory progress. No matter if it was because of greed or frustration, he summoned the devil. Mephistopheles, the Devil's representative or the demon, appears and offers him service for a period of time in terms of years, and in return Faust had to give up his soul to Devil. The deal is made and Faust was then able to obtain all the pleasure and knowledge of the world. During the Mephistopheles' term of service, Faust, in different versions, achieved different things. In many versions, Faust successfully seduced a girl with the Devil's help. Then after the term, or the time, had passed, Faust's soul is taken away by the Devil, and he goes to hell. However, in some versions, he out smarts the Devil or in some cases he is forgiven by God's grace, and he is saved from the eternal damnation of soul.
A long long time ago, Mephistopheles, the Devil, had sent its Ghost Rider to the town of San Venganza to reclaim a contract signed by the thousand corrupt souls. That contract will enable Mephistopheles the power to bring hell to earth. However, after the Rider retrieves the contract, instead of returning the contract, he hid it and disappeared ever since. A century and a half later, Mephistopheles came to Johnny Blaze, a stunt motorcycle rider, and offered him a deal. The deal was that Mephistopheles will cure Johnny's father, who was suffering from lung cancer, in return for Johnny's soul. Johnny accepted the deal, and his father was cured, but soon killed by an "accident." Mephistopheles left telling Johnny that he will come back for him when he need Johnny. Couple years later, Blackheart, who was Mephistopheles' son, came to earth in search of the contract, so that he can use it against his dad. Mephistopheles then made Johnny Blaze the new Ghost Rider and in fact offers his soul back after he defeats Blackheart. Without any choice Johnny went on fighting Blackheart. Blackheart later kidnapped Roxanne, whom Johnny loved. During the mean time, Johnny obtained the old stories and the contract from the Caretaker, whom was actually the old Ghost Rider. Johnny then goes riding on to the town of San Venganza. He then defeated Blackheart and the demons that came along with in at San Venganza. Mephistopheles appeared after Blackheart was defeated. He gave Johnny his soul and offered to take back the curse of the Ghost Rider. However Johnny refused to give it back, he wanted to use this power against Mephistopheles, "and against all harm that comes to the innocent."
Both Faust and Johnny made a deal with the Devil because the Devil offered to fulfill their request. Faust wanted more knowledge and power, and Johnny wanted his father to be cured. Also, they both got what they wanted in exchange of their souls. Although they were both powerful in at least a certain amount of time, their souls were under the control of the Devil. While having the extraordinary power, they achieved many things using it. Different versions of Faust had different endings, however, in the case of the movie Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze kind of out smarted the Devil, getting his soul back, and in addition to that, holding on to the power of the Rider. Evidently, Ghost Rider's plot was extremely similar to the plot of the Faust's with just a couple alterations.

2012年3月9日 星期五

An Ode to Football

You have the color of dirt, the color of clay
you shine with that color, especially on mondays
You are the precious treasure of true athletes
we dive for you, we jump for you, we attempt to bring you back to safety
we try to be like you because we don't want to be fool
Even Stewie isn't stupid, he made his head like you
It is our nature to follow your lead
it's not addiction like weed, but need the sweet feed
to nurture our life. We find, sight, and hike you in parks
we sometimes dine before you, as we line up fried chicken in the kitchen, well I prefer dark
We make you clothes like you are one of us
leather jacket with strings, that is just fabulous
We hand you off and throw you far
we leave it to our allies, at the time of the war
We made you a statue, for the people that conquer
Giants had taken over
in the 46th war. your every aspect, we try our best to mimic
well Mohawk is the best that I've done for aerodynamics
You can trust me to pick you up when you fall
My Dearest Pal, The One and Only Football

"Safety": Mr. Webb should know, that's two points in football
"Stewie": Picture below
"dark": Dark meat NOT DARK SKIN...since blacks...stereotyped...fried chicken
Giants, Super Bowl 46 NY REPRESENT!

2012年3月2日 星期五

Gulliver's Travels

Describe the kind of people on the floating island of Laputa. What kinds of things did they know? What kinds of things didn't they know? Who is Swift attacking here, and what is he saying about them?
The people on the floating island of Laputa have a life focused around the experiments and studies of theoretical knowledge. Many of them spend much of their time studying math, astronomy, and many other abstract ideas and knowledges that would seem absurd to normal human beings. Laputans had claimed to gain knowledges that were far beyond the ordinary human intellect, such as discovering the two moons of mars, and extracting sunbeams from cucumbers. However, as much as they had surpassed in the fields of natural knowledges, they had never been able to gain practical knowledges that will be applicable to themselves which will also fulfill the demands of the people, whom they never tried to care about, on the land under their floating island. Clearly, as these metaphors had shown, Swift is trying to attack the Royal Society that was going mad under the ideas of Enlightenment intellectualism. People in the Royal Society at the time strived to gain countless natural knowledges that would absolutely do no good in the improvement of human life.

What is "the catch" (or the secret price) of immortality? What might Jonathan Swift mean by that (in real life)?
The immortality mentioned in Gulliver's Travels is to be forever old instead of forever young. Even though they are immortal, they do age until eighty. "After the age of thirty, most Struldbrugs grow sad and dejected, and by eighty, they are incapable of affection and envious of those who are able to die." In the movie, the consequence of gaining immortality is a little different in which they become blind. Jonathan Swift attacks the prolonged human desires. As shown through the Struldbrugs, as much riches, which is also a desire of many people, as they've gained, they do not live the ideal life even if they've gained eternal life. The "catch" in real life is the greed and selfishness that each human being obtains in nature. The desire of wealth may some day be fulfilled, but instantly greed and egos will clash, leading everything to crash.

How does Yahoo society function (i.e. leadership, mating, war)? What is Swift trying to say about human nature?
Yahoos were brutish creatures that represented human at its most basic nature. In other words, they epitomized the innate characteristics of human. Their leadership functioned much like that in the world today. Every certain amount of Yahoos made up a group, and within the group there is a leader. A couple groups combined together will form a larger group with leader with greater authority. Very similar to the how humans were governed throughout history. Matings for Yahoos were crude. There usually weren't much feelings put into it; they simply did it. Although it's hard for us to imagine ourselves doing that, tracing back our history, that is partially how we came about. Yahoos get into fights for extremely simple but yet unjustifiable reasons, such as wanting more land, wanting more food, in short, things that they desire much. Even though, all characteristics and behaviors of Yahoos may seem beast-like, it is actually extremely similar to us, humans. Swift attempts to highlight the many imperfect parts of human nature; he wants us to realize and take note of them.

2012年2月14日 星期二

Meditation 17 Worksheet

Meditation 17 Translation Copy

2012年2月12日 星期日

Landscape and the Fall of Icarus/"I am a rock" vs. Donne's Meditation 17

While comparing the song and the picture to Meditation 17, the differences between them stands out quite clearly. The song and the picture depicts a person as an island, everyone is disjointed from each other. Barriers are built between all man, moreover, there are no relationships established. On the other hand, Donne states in Meditation 17 that "No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main." Therefore, everyone is connected, and one can greatly influence another, indeed. Even though on the surface it seems like there are no similarities at all, that is but a fallacy. Through my interpretations, I have found a similarity between all three productions. No matter how different they seem to be, they all described or depicted the struggles and afflictions that can happen in life. In the song "I am a rock", they sang "Don't talk of love, But I've heard the words before; It's sleeping in my memory. I won't disturb the slumber of feelings that have died." Love is the particular area which they experienced struggles and feelings that they do not want to recall. In the Landscape and the Fall of Icarus they drew a person drowning in the ocean. Even though no one takes notice and everyone is ignorant of it, it truly shows that struggles and sufferings are in fact a part of life. Similarly in Meditation 17,"Truly it were an excusable covetousness if we did, for affliction is a treasure, and scarce any man hath enough of it." Even though Donne may had provided a different view towards the afflictions, it also mentions that it is a inevitable part of life. Although the three pieces of works may have different environments and surroundings that view and receive the struggles of others in distinctive ways, it is undeniable that affliction is a part of life.

2012年2月11日 星期六


"Heart and Determination, in Loving God"
If I die, this is what I want people to remember and know me for. I believe that heart and determination are two extremely important keys to success. With heart and determination we can achieve great. We can get things that we love, and achieve things that people had strived for. Imagine if you say you want to do something, work at it, but don't achieve anything, that is a waste of your time, in fact you've also wasted your life. Even though, many say that process what is important, and process what when you really learn, however, I think no matter how much you learn in the process, without succeeding you won't have the chance the express and apply what you've learned. You could be a guy in the dark corner of the world with great knowledge not making a difference at all. Your existence will be unknown, and you will disappear like a organism died under the ocean. Heart and determination also has the meaning of loving others fully without any hold backs. "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." John 13:34 Love other people, including your wife, your girlfriend, your family, your friends, and even strangers, to the best of your ability. Love them entirely with determination to build a good relationship. Heart and determination doesn't only apply to things happening around me. The most important area that it applies to is loving God. Love God with heart and determination, and He will guide your way. No matter how much we work on things that we want, without loving God, we will not achieve anything. God brings us more than enough of what we need, and ultimately, learning and loving god is the cause, meaning, and effect of life.

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